Aim & Scope

The journal founder aimed to create an internationally visible platform for discussion of the Ukrainian political development, transit society modernization issues and globalization ones. Trying to involve the Ukrainian and international researchers, the journal aims to stimulate the discourse through the publishing of the cutting-edge research in the areas of Ukrainian policy, international experience of public administration, international cooperation and development, security studies, and world history. On the one hand, the Ukrainian political situation is a reflection of the specific social and cultural landscape; on the other hand, the international experience in resolving the crucial cases of modernization and development has a high potential for Ukraine.

The journal publishes papers covering the following issues

  • Foreign and domestic policy of Ukraine;
  • Public administration reform in Ukraine;
  • International experience of public administration;
  • International image of Ukraine;
  • International security studies;
  • International cooperation and development;
  • Ukraine’s development cooperation policy;
  • Globalization studies

Types of papers

  • Interviews with an expert
  • Full-text research articles
  • Reviews
  • Coverage of events