Ukrainian Policymaker

Ukrainian Policymaker, Volume 4

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Research Articles

Panos Eliopoulos. From the Moral Limits of Personal Interest to the Derogation of Individual Identity: Colonialism and Oppression.

Iryna Khomenko and Kateryna Bura. Facing Aggressiveness in Face-to-Face Arguing.

Leonid L. Kyianytsia. The One Belt One Road Initiative as a New Silk Road: The (Potential) Place of Ukraine.

Anatoly Oleksiyenko. Why Is Governance Research Important for University Reforms in Ukraine?

Olena Pavlova. Comic and Dynamics of Its Political Applications.

Denys Svyrydenko and Wiktor Możgin. The Condition of Contemporary Ukrainian Culture: The Postcolonial Retrospective and Perspective.

Oleg Tkach and Anatoly Tkach. Volunteer Movement in Ukraine in the Situation of External Aggression.

Vitali Turenko. Discourse of Love as Discourse of War and Battle: from Mythology to Philosophy.

Vyacheslav Vilkov and Sergii Rudenko. The Modernization of the Russian Marxist Concept of the Nation in the Social Sciences and Humanities in the USSR in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century.

Valentin Yakushik. Importance of Inter-Civilizational and Intra-Civilizational Dialogue in National State Consolidation and Development.

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