Ukrainian Policymaker

Ukrainian Policymaker, Volume 3

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Research Articles

Leonid Chupriy. Historical Preconditions of Formation of the Concept “Intermarium” in the Face of Contemporary Challenges

Nataliia Iskhakova. Trust as a Factor of Political Mobilization of Society in the Conditions of Establishment of Democracy

Taras Melnyk. Ukraine and Its Future in a Globalised International Community

Uliana Movchan. Features of Computer Methods in Political Forecasting

Wiktor Możgin. Ukraine in a Geopolitical Game between the West and the Russian Federation

Marcin Orzechowski. Conflicts in Donbass and the Kerch Strait as an Element of the Neo-Imperialist Expansion Strategy of the Russian Federation in the Post-Soviet Area

Kan Den Sik. Korean Peninsula Problem in the Light of the Latest Events

Yaroslav Sobolievskyi. Philosophical Views of Thomas Jefferson on Religion and Politics

Pavlo Sodomora. Ukrainian Philosophical Thought at the Brink between East and West

Valentin Yakushik. Varieties of a Law-Governed State


Sergii Rudenko and Vitaliy Bolonkin. Is the Business satisfied with University education in Ukraine?(An interview with Vilatiy Bolonkin)

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