Ukrainian Policymaker

Ukrainian Policymaker, Volume 2

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Oleksandr Сheremisin and Mykola Herasymenko. The Dialectics of the Authority and Morality on the South of Ukraine at the End of 18th, the Early 20th Centuries


Charles McGrath and Nygmet Ibadildin. Kazakh Famine 1928-1932.


Olena Pavlova. Politically-Technological Potential of Cultural Practices in Ukrainian Perspective.


Zaid Rahmani and Vadym Tytarenko. Corruption in Afghanistan: an Experience for Ukraine.


Denys Svyrydenko and Olena Yatsenko. Dialectics of Nominal and Real Power in the Ukrainian and World Politics.


Vadym Tytarenko. Correlation between Morality and Religion in Ukrainian Society: Productive Ideas in German Idealism for Modern Consideration.


Vyacheslav Vilkov. “Scientific Communism” and the Modern Political Science in Ukraine.


Mykola Liashenko and Sergii Rudenko. Is a New Generation of Managers Likely to Come to Small Towns of Ukraine? (An interview with Mykola Liashenko).

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