Let’s sum up Kuchma’s presidency in Ukraine for nearly 12 years. From the point of view of geophilosophy in the history of Ukraine Kuchma was a disaster that put down the richest republic to the level of the poor African dictatorships. His son-in-law Victor Pinchuk and his only daughter Elena Pinchuk, through Pinchuk Foundation and through their own six Ukrainian TV channel (STB, ICTV, Novy Kanal, M1, M2, and QTV) tried to “clean” Kuchma’s reputation for the stolen national money, but the facts speak for themselves:

1. It was under Kuchma and under his leadership that an authoritarian-oligarchic system of government was established in Ukraine;

2. It was under Kuchma that merging of legislative, executive and judicial authorities around a common interest – the theft of material and labor resources of the state;

3. It was Kuchma who undermined independent existence of the locus of Ukrainian civilization and returned Ukraine in the sphere of Russian interests. By this step, he again turned Ukraine into limitrophe State;

4. It was Kuchma who with his perverted mentality could allow that the head of the Presidential Administration Viktor Medvedchuk invited to be godparents the leaders of the neighboring state. Judging by the reaction, Kuchma did not take any attention to that shameful phenomenon, at that time he had already made his choice in favor of Russia;

5. With the direct involvement of Kuchma a corrupt triangle was formed in Ukraine:

corrupt bureaucracy → monopolistic state-owned enterprises → oligarchic private companies

This model allowed Kuchma to ruin Ukraine and to plunge it into a multibillion-dollar debt;

6. It was Kuchma who thought up to combine politics and business and created regional businessmen-politicians, which in their turn for loyalty and obedience got entire regions of Ukraine in the management;

7. It was Kuchma and his circle who had taught officials to live in idleness and plenty, to worship to ranks and their awards. He debased so much State ranks, titles and awards that any official could afford to save up the required amount to buy another bureaucratic rank, title or state medal. His mistress Tatiana Zasukha was awarded three Orders “For Merit”; in 2003 (her 39 birthday) was awarded the highest state award of Ukraine – the title of Hero of Ukraine “for outstanding personal merits before the Ukrainian state”;

8. It was under Kuchma who permitted to exist legal nihilism in Ukraine, when each man knew that he should steal “more than enough”: so much to have enough to buy off the justice and to provide for his daily.

Piscis primuin a capite foetat. It was Kuchma who became the rotten head for Ukraine and the Ukrainians, with which the moral decay of society began.

From monograph:
Bazaluk Oleg. Corruption in Ukraine: Rulers’ Mentality and the Destiny of the Nation. Geophilosophy of Ukraine.