Oleg Bazaluk.

However, having come to the attention of the world community, Ukraine and Ukrainians caused astonishment and incomprehension. It is surprised the world community a lot, for example:

1. The level of corruption in the state. As the nation with a rich thousand-year history (the oldest mention in writing about Ukraine dates back to 10th – 12th century), in a relatively short period of time (between 1990 and 2014), managed to get used to corruption and made it a part of its mentality? A lot of what the Ukrainians consider the norms of civilized society, in highly developed countries of the world it is rejected and condemned. In 2014, according to Corruption Perceptions Index from a non-governmental international organization struggling and researching corruption worldwide, Transparency International, Ukraine remains among the most corrupt countries in the world, ranking 142 out of 175 countries, having only 26 points out of a possible 100. Ukraine shared this place with Uganda and Comoros. In comparison, Denmark, which was on the first place with 92 points, and the worst results had Somalia and North Korea – 8 points [Transparency, 2014].

2. The lack of elite in Ukraine (the Ukrainian ruling elite), which was sincerely interested in its democratic development. Even after the Revolution of Dignity, the people who came to the Power, whose past was tainted by prosecutorial decisions of courts or proved in the press, but not to have reached the stage of Court decision-making (due to corruption of the Ukrainian courts), corruption schemes. Literally, every representative of the Ukrainian government and parliament was accused of corrupt ties of and no one of them was able to explain the source of his incomes.

3. Backward economy. How it could be, during 24 years of independence, the financially independent and wealthy state, to bring to the poverty? On 1 June, 2015 the Ukrainian total debt is 68 billion dollars in GDP 130.908 billion dollars in 2014! The Fig. 1 below shows the ratio of gross domestic product (GDP) of Ukraine, it was taken the period from 1990 to 2010 as a percentage of GDP in 1990 [Gatsenko, 2011].

Over the years of independence, Ukraine has not been able to achieve such GDP estimates in the history, how it was in 1990!

4. Neglect to own health and the nation’s health. Ukraine has the highest mortality rate in Europe (15.7 deaths per 1.000 people, according to the CIA in 2014). The country takes the 2nd place in the world in the death rate (after South Africa), and the 1st place in the world in the natural loss of the population (-6.3 ‰ or 6.3 shrinking population per 1.000 inhabitants). The average life expectancy in Ukraine is about 70.4 years old: for men it is 65.2 years old, and for women it is 75.5 years old. In Europe, the figures are 10 years more [State, 2015].

5. The low level of education of the population. The processes of upbringing and education in Ukraine turned into fiction. Diplomas on secondary, technical secondary and higher education do not correspond to the level of world standards. Most of the graduates of secondary and higher educational establishments do not have elementary (basic) knowledge, skills and abilities. Owing to the ineffective, virtual absence of the state educational policy, prosperous corruption in education, in everyday life Ukrainian people began to show previously not inherent qualities to them: aggression, rudeness, intolerance, boastfulness, isolation, internal and external indifference towards the society.

6. The backward, scientific and technical base. In Soviet times, Ukraine had a powerful scientific potential, which put it among the leading nations of the world in such industries: Space industry, machinery, agriculture, light and food industries, mining and smelting complex. In 2015 in Ukraine there is no one competitive industries, even in European scale! In its economic development Ukraine has lagged behind not only from the former states of the Warsaw Pact, but also it is inferior to many states of the former Soviet Union.

The whole complex of negative processes, with which Ukraine is overcrowded, opening itself to the world community, requires an honest, comprehensive and impartial rethinking.

Ukrainian Politician
From the monograph: «Corruption in Ukraine: Rulers’ Mentality and the Destiny of the Nation. Geophilosophy of Ukraine.».